Out n About Nipper Sport review

Will the Out n About Nipper Sport suit you, your little one and your running or hiking destination? Here’s everything you need to know.


The Out n About Nipper Sport is one of the best value running strollers available in the UK in single and double versions in a wide variety of bright colours. We asked keen trail runner and mum of one Claire Maxted for her review.


About the author:

Mum of one year old Finley (born Jan 2021), Claire Maxted is the co-founder and former editor of Trail Running magazine. Claire now runs the YouTube channel Wild Ginger Running, filming trail and ultra running advice, athlete interviews, gear tests and race recces. She also hosts talks, speaks and presents at book launches, awards, events and races. Her first book The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook is published by Bloomsbury Sport. Her running buggies review is here.

I had great fun running with the Nipper Sport in the Peak District on forest trails and park paths and was particularly impressed with it’s light weight, comfy ride with good suspension and large grippy wheels that seem to take everything in their stride from tree roots and rocks to sections of mud and long grass. Here’s a bit more detail from me about why you might enjoy hiring this buggy for your next walk or run off-road.


Why you’ll like it:

1 Easy to assemble and dissemble

All three wheels come off easily - the back wheels via the red press and release button just above the axel and the front wheel using a quick release lever and screw system like modern bicycles. At 61.5cm wide and 90cm long when folded with the wheels off, the single easily fits in your car boot. (The double is 72cm wide and 79cm long with the wheels off).

Coming soon...assembly/disassembly film

2 Mud-loving wheels

The 16 inch wheels are large, wide and grippy enough to cope with a huge variety of terrain from gritty tracks filled with potholes to rocky, grassy and muddy trails as you run and hike deeper into the countryside.

3 Kids are secure and comfy

 Suitable from 6 months old to 22kg, your precious little person is secure within the Nipper Sport’s 5-point harness with easily adjustable, padded straps; removable, padded seat liner and removable, hinged and padded bump bar. The excellent rear suspension makes sure they have as smooth a ride as possible, the sunshade protects them well and the backrest folds right down for horizontal napping. It’s easy to check if they’re still napping through the transparent window under the peek-a-boo flap too.

We also have these extras available to make your child even more comfortable:

  • Footmuff - a polar fleece lining with a shower-proof front, or remove the front section for a comfy seat liner.

  • Sunshade UV cover - a full shade covering for naptimes or just total sun protection for your precious little one.

  • Newborn Support - extra padding for younger babies that straps into the pram and is used in the horizontal lay-back position.



4 You are comfy!

 Running or walking with a buggy naturally takes more effort to push and steer than just bobbing along on your own two feet, so it helps that the Nipper Sport is the lightest buggy around at just 9.8kg with an aluminium frame. The handlebar is also fully adjustable. Find the right height for you and it will feel more like a dream than a drag, and lifting that fixed front wheel will be as easy as pie.

5 Two brakes for safety

 Unlike ‘normal’ prams, running buggies like the Nipper Sport have a handlebar brake (like the ones you find on a bicycle) so you can slow the pram down on steep hills. This comes in very handy with the weight of your child and the kit in the back storage pocket pulling you down the slope. The foot brake is then used to stop the pram when you come to a complete halt at traffic lights, in cafes and watching the ducks etc.


6 Plenty of gear storage

 The Nipper Sport has a large back storage pocket for plenty of spare clothing, snacks, water bottles, teddies. It has a drawstring closure so you won’t be worried about losing a precious toy, or your snacks! There’s also a roomy zip pocket on the side of the hood for smaller things you need to keep handy like your phone and keys.

7 Protection from the rain

Whatever the weather, the Nipper Sport rain cover won’t let you down. It simply clips on via two poppers at the front of the pram and Velcros down the back for full protection from rain, sleet and even snow. There are no excuses for not getting that run or hike in now!



Things to be aware of:

1 Be gentle with the rain cover attachment poppers at the front of the pram and the foam on the handlebar as these are known to be vulnerable areas for wear and tear after more long-term usage.

2 The foot brake can sometimes catch so make sure it is fully pressed down and push the pram slightly to check it is on correctly.

3 When folding the pram up the harness can loosen so be aware that you may have to readjust the straps when you next pop your child inside.


Try before you buy! To hire this jogging stroller click here.

Want to know more and see this jogging stroller in action? Check out the review film on Wild Ginger Running YouTube channel here. 




Photos in this blog are from the author Claire Maxted and from Julia Tregaskis-Allen from Tracks & Trails. You can find her at tracks-and-trails.com

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