Which Burley bike trailer is right for you?

Looking to hire or purchase a Burley bike trailer but not sure on which one to pick? 

Our founder Sarah has filmed a brand new video which is out now on our Youtube channel.

Here we talk through the range of Burley Trailers, including the Burley Bee, Honey Bee, D'lite-X, Encore X and the Rental Cub and we discuss the different key features of each Burley trailer and how you decide which trailer is right for you!

You can check out the video below:


Before hiring or purchasing a trailer we ask you to think about 6 key questions that will help you decide which trailer is right for you...

1. USAGE- What are you using the trailer for? Will you be just cycling or do you also want to use it for strolling? Maybe you want to use it for skiing? Why are you using the trailer?

2. CAPACITY- Do you need a trailer for one little one or two little ones!?

3. BUDGET- How much do you want to spend? What is your budget for purchasing the trailer?

4. TERRAIN- Where are you going cycling, where are you going running? Will you be going off-road, gravel or sticking to the road? Do you need suspension?

5. WEATHER- Will you be someone who goes out when it is raining, when it's pouring or if it's snowing? Or are you just a fair weather cyclist/jogger?

6. COMFORT- How important is premium comfort? Do you want all the bells and whistles, the reclining and premium head? Do you want to make it the smoothest possible ride for your little one? Or are you happy with the more basic hammock style seat?


Here are some key features of each of the trailers in the Burley range:

BURLEY BEE: The iconic Burley bike trailer! It is a cycling only trailer and it is available in two models - a single and a double. Let's get into the key features! The cover, If it rains, no problem! Its has an outer waterproof cover and a mesh inner cover as well. It has a funky little foot guard, a 5 point harness system and hammock style seating!

Taking a look at the back, we have loads of storage!! It also has a parking break, so when you are stationary make sure to put the parking break on. In terms of the wheels, they are really easy to push on and pull off with the push button quick release.

And of course, Burley take safety to the highest level so it comes with a safety flag and the roll cage.

HONEY BEE: The red trailer, the Honey Bee! This has all of the performance features that the Burley Bee has apart from you can also use it for Strolling.

The handlebar can be in two positions, one for cycling and the other for strolling and you change this by releasing the bar and swinging the handle towards you.

Going out for a stroll? Don't forget to change the front wheel to be forward facing. 


D'LITE-X: The most premium and most versatile offering from the Burley trailer range and provides the most comfort! The Rolls- Royce of trailers!

The D'Lite X comes with premium 20inch wheels which have excellent tread and aggressive grip! Like the Encore X, the D'Lite X has suspension for off road however the suspension is adjustable. 

Taking a look inside the trailer, it has a zipper, sunshade that pulls down, premium seats with headrests, floormat and extra room in the sides for elbows and knee's!

And we can't forget to mention the reclining seats! 

ENCORE-X: This is perfect for the active family! You can do so much more with this trailer! You can add a jogger kit and go jogging, add a ski kit and go skiing! Only available in double and it comes with suspension for more off road to make it a much smoother ride. 

The inside has some fancy features including a sunshade and premium seat pads making the ride great for the little ones!


RENTAL CUB: The rental cub has in mind rental businesses which is perfect for us! It's the most durable trailer as the inside has a hard plastic bucket. It's the most stable kids bike trailer and is also made of a very different material than the other trailers as it's water resistant. 

The seat pads can easily be removed, making it super easy to wipe clean!

You can find lots of these at places like Center Parcs!


All Burley child trailers are designed and rigorously tested to meet and exceed ASTM standards and requirements. In fact, Burley paved the way in creating these safety standards. The aluminum structure and restraint system are all about safety and each trailer comes with a bright safety flag. 

We also have a range of accessories for each trailer which you can find on our website.


Interested in HIRING a Burley Trailer?



If you need any help and advice selecting which Burley trailer is right for you then get in touch at hello@kidsbiketrailers.co.uk

Sporting Regards

The Kids Bike Trailers Team

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