What age can I pull my child in a kids bike trailer?

Here are Kids Bike Trailers we’re often asked whether infants can ride in a Kids Bike Trailer. 

Here is what Burley: one of the leading Kids Bike Trailers brands says:

To ride in a Burley trailer behind a bicycle, the industry standard is to wait until a child is one year old. While each child’s physical development is unique, we recommend that a child should be able to sit upright unattended and hold his or her head up while wearing a bicycle helmet. Please check with your pediatrician if you are in doubt about your child’s neck strength.

For strolling or jogging in a Burley trailer, a child should be able to sit upright unattended, which generally occurs around six months of age. The Burley Baby Snuggler™ is recommended for extra support and comfort for children ages 3-12 months. Please check with your pediatrician if you are in doubt about your child’s neck strength. Using a folded towel or blanket can also help boost up a child until they grow into the trailer a bit more.

 Children typically are able to ride in the trailer until about age six, or until they become too tall for their helmet to fit below the internal roll bar. The max age will depend on the child’s development. Burley manuals say a maximum age of 7 years old. However, the maximums to consider are more related to the height and weight that a trailer is rated to accommodate. All Burley kid trailers have the same maximum height recommendation of 41.25 inches. The weight capacity for a single child trailer is 75lbs, and a double trailer is 100lbs. The recommended max weight per child is 40lbs.

 The question we ask our customers is:  can your child hold their own head hold their own head up, unaided?

The main issue with taking any infant out on a bike ride is their necks, and specifically, injury to the neck, rather than their age. It is the strength of your child's neck that will decide if they are ready to go out on a bike or not, not how old they are. 

  • Children’s bodies need to be able to handle the jostling movement of bike travel and also be able to withstand the occasional jolt, and an accident, should the worst come to the worst.
  • Children’s necks should also be able to support the weight of a bike helmet.

Kids Bike Trailers provide a protective cocoon for young passengers. Trailers have a safe and roomy passenger compartment with a full internal roll cage that completely surrounds your child.

Please also note:

  • Please be aware of the laws and regulations in your country of residence. Every country is different and has their own rules for transporting kids on bikes. Don’t break the law; find out what you need to have to be legal where you live.
  • Always remember the helmet (s). We highly recommend the rule  "no helmet, no bike ride." 


If you have questions about Bike Trailers then just get in touch and email us and we will do our best to help.


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