HIRE a Kolofogo Tahoe - Kids Bike Trailers
HIRE a Kolofogo Tahoe - Kids Bike Trailers
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HIRE a Kolofogo Tahoe Trailer (single wheel off-road)

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The Kolofogo Tahoe is a single wheeled trailer with Rock Shox suspension, designed to carry your little one across rough terrain with control and comfort otherwise not possible with dual-wheeled trailers.

Note: Pictured with the disc brake and mudguard. The Tahoe does NOT come with these options which are found on the Trayecto model. 

For children weighing up to 20kg/44lbs or up to 105cm tall. We recommend using the optional infant sling for children much under one. 

It’s attached to the seatpost instead of the rear axle area to allow more clearance on the trail and give more mounting versatility. When in use, this mounting method assists with the feel of your bike, making trailer-towing as seamless as possible, rather than a chore.

Having one wheel, allows for a far smoother ride for the child than a dual-wheel trailer, not to mention being able to access narrower trails and being less susceptible to flipping over in the event of hitting a trail obstacle. 

The Tahoe is a trailer with kickstand, but you can update it anytime to feature dual wheels instead of the kickstand to convert it into a stroller (this is the main difference between the Tahoe and the Trayecto model). 

What you get if you order Tahoe:

  • A singletrailer with kickstand, tow bar and with one seatpost adapter (choose size at checkout)
  • Mudguard (protection against mud, dust and little stones), the upholstery has windows venting in front and has just one pocket (in the back)
  • Flag which bolts on securely

What you can upgrade at a later time:

  • Foldaway axle with two 12" wheels and brake.
  • Headrest, small pocket for drinks, side cushion and the infant sling for toddlers

Technical Specification:

  • Frame material : Aluminium and stainless steel (handlebar)
  • Weight (including kickstand) : 11,8 kg / 26 lbs
  • Ground clearance : 24 cm / 9,4 inches
  • Width – just the cabin : 40 cm / 15,7 in (down)  and 45 cm / 17,7 in (up – behind the seat)
  • Width – cabin with kickstand : 46 cm / 18,1 in
  • Height (on kickstand) : 98 cm / 38,5 in
  • Parameters when packed : length 115 cm (45 in) / height 35 cm (13,7 in) / width 60 cm (23,6 in)
  • Suspension : RockShox Monarch R3, 190/51, custom tuned for low Compression / low Rebound
  • Safety - Conforms to EN15918 / EN15918 + A1 / EN1888


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        Hire Pricing

        HIRE RATES
        RRP £1299
        2 WEEKS £100
        4 WEEKS £180
        8 WEEKS £320
        12 WEEKS £420


        Shipping Pricing

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        For a medium sized hire item such as a Child Seat, Rack and Tag Along, the shipping pricing is as follows:

        • Delivery (one way) is £9.99
        • Delivery + Return (both ways) is £18.99

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