Which Hamax bike trailer is right for me – Outback, Avenida or Traveller?

Choosing the best trailer for your family can be difficult. First you need to decide what is important to you and your use in everyday life. What are you going to use the trailer for? Do you want to have the opportunity to jog / ski with the trailer? Are you going to use it when stopping by the café or when you go shopping? Here is our guide for selecting the right one!


Outback multifunctional trailer can be used in many different ways. Bicycle arm and stroller wheel is included in the package, but with accessories such as jogging wheel and skiing-kit you can also bring the children when you are out running or skiing. The jogging wheel is also perfect to use in challenging terrain.

Hamax multifunctional child carrier can be used as biketrailer, stroller, jogger and with skiing kit

The Avenida and Traveller also come with bicycle arm and stroller wheel, but do not have a solution for attaching a jogging wheel or skiing kit.


Enjoy a stroll with your little one
In all three trailers it is possible to use a baby insert which means that the trailer can be used from the baby is newborn (only in stroller mode). The seat provides excellent support and stability, and it is easy to assemble.

All three trailers have a comfortable interior and large windows which provide a good view for the child. While Avenida only have padding in the seats, Outback also has padding in the seat back. Traveller has no extra padding in the seats.


Storage space
The large, rear storage area you find in both Outback, Avenida and Traveller is really nice to have – even if it is a trip to the beach or grocery shopping on the way home from kindergarten.

Hamax outback and avenida with large storage


Reclining seats
As of 2019, the Outback is available with a reclining seat back, so that the child can rest comfortably during the ride. The seat can be placed in three different positions. See how you adjust the angle here. Avenida and Traveller have no reclining function on the seats

Hamax outback bike trailer with reclineable seats


Outback has adjustable suspension which ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for passenger and driver. As of 2020, the Avenida is also available with suspension (not adjustable). Traveller comes without suspension.


All trailers can be folded, which makes the storage and transport easy. Watch video Outback and Avenida.

In three layers they have a sun screen for the front and top window, a mesh to protect the child from insects and gravel from the road, and finally a transparent front cover to prevent wind and rain from entering the cockpit. Outback and Avenida have stepless, adjustable handles, while Traveller can be set in two different positions.

The bike trailers can also be used behind electric bicycles.

How to attach the bike trailer to the bicycle?
It is easy to attach the bike trailers to the bicycle (video)! After the bracket is securely fastened, the trailer can be attached/detached really easy.  If you want to be able to change the bike trailer between several bicycles, you can buy an extra hitch for bicycle no. 2!

Both Outback, Avenida and Traveller are a good choices, so let the needs decide which bike trailer is best for you and your family!

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