What is a Kids Bike Trailer and why should you use one?

What is a Kids Bike Trailer?

Kids Bike Trailers are used for cycling with children. A bike trailer can hold up to two children. You tow the trailer behind your bicycle as you ride.

Children’s bike trailers are safer than bike seats as they are separate to your bike, but it is vital you hire or purchase from a top-quality brand to ensure the best safety and sturdiness for your little one. There are a lot of factors, including age, size, safety, comfort, and budget, that determine which trailer is best for you and your family so make sure you research before or try our hire service!

You can usually travel with your baby from 12 months up to 6 years. Kids Bike Trailers are especially good for those little ones who are too young to ride themselves.

As well as being extremely safe, kids bike trailers also provide endless family fun! What a way to be dropped off at school or nursery than in the back of your very own chariot!


What are the Benefits of using kids bike trailers?

  • It is a great way to keep fit: Not only are you able to get in your regular exercise without leaving the little ones at home, pulling that extra weight behind you is great for endurance training!
  • Quality family time: Biking with youngsters is a great way to bond and build memories. It is a great way to get some quality time with your children. Quality time is important, and you do not always need to be booking expensive day trips out. Many trailers are big enough for two children, so it is a great way for siblings to play together!
  • Get out in the fresh air: Every time you go out it will be an outdoor adventure.
  • Space They offer a huge amount of carrying capacity and storage space and are a comfortable place to put children while you pedal them around. you could use the trailer to carry a picnic lunch to your destination.
  • Environmentally friendly: Not only are you saving on fuel costs, but you are helping the environment by cycling!
  • They work in all weather: Bike trailers adapt to all kinds of weather, come rain or shine! The tinted windows are UV 50+ to protect from sunlight and have breathable mesh sides. They also come with waterproof rain covers.


“The Burley really does stand up to English weather; we’ve used in the ice and snow and children are really snug and warm inside. Great choice for comfort and safety for a school run.” Lynette Walsh, a happy Kids Bike Trailer customer


If you have any questions at all about Kids Bike Trailers or you are interested in hiring / purchasing then we would love to hear from you!


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